The tuition fee for all unsalaried courses is £9,250, payable by the trainee. We ask for this during a set timeline of four instalments during the training year, making it easier for you to pay. There are government loans from Student Finance England, bursaries and scholarships available to cover all or part of your study.


There are no costs to the trainee for tuition fee payment on this route – the £9,250 tuition fee is covered through the apprenticeship levy. You will also receive a salary on the unqualified teacher pay scale that is agreed with your employing school. The amount will vary depending on your duties, the number of lessons you will be teaching and the location of your school. It is worth noting that trainees on a salaried route are not eligible to apply for a bursary or student loan to support the financing of your training year.


Assessment only

The total fees for this route are £2,100. This is broken down into: £200 for your initial interview with a SCITT representative and £1,900 once you have secured a place on the route.

Future Teach Scholarship

The Future Teach Scholarship is supported by our Future Academies sponsors. Trainees following this route are exceptional graduates, notable for their outstanding academic records, detailed subject knowledge, and ability to pass on their passion for their subject to our students. 

Successful candidates receive a highly competitive scholarship during their first year of training with us and enter into a commitment for completing their ITT and ECT years at Future Academies. This is based on the subject and phase that they are applying for.  

Candidates are guaranteed a placement at one of the Future Academies schools in either London or Hertfordshire. They train alongside other trainee teachers to share best practice. They gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and the PGCE. 

Many of scholarship alumni have gone on to support our schools in leadership roles and as curriculum writers.


If you have been accepted on to an unsalaried course, you may be eligible for a tuition fee loan to cover the full cost of tuition fees, which is paid directly to us as your training provider.  

You can apply for a tuition fee loan regardless of your household income. If you have an existing student loan you can take out an additional loan to cover your teacher training and you will only start making repayments, according to a pre-determined schedule, once you are employed and earning over the minimum salary threshold (currently £27,575 a year). 

You will need to check the eligibility criteria with Student Finance England in order to take out a loan.

Depending on your personal financial circumstances, you may also be eligible for a maintenance loan of up to £12,295, to contribute towards your cost of living during your training year. This is means-tested and will be calculated on an individual basis. This loan is paid directly into your bank account by the Student Loans Company at the start of each term, once your attendance on the programme has been confirmed by us, as your training provider. A maintenance loan of up to £12,382 may be available to you to help with your living costs, see the link here for further details.

Bursaries and subject scholarships


Most applicants applying for an unsalaried course with a Government bursary entitlement will be eligible to claim this through the Department for Education.

If your subject is eligible, and we offer you a place, you will receive a tax-free sum of money paid in ten monthly instalments throughout the year from October to July.


Subject scholarships

If you are successful in getting an offer from us, you may choose to apply for a subject scholarship from the appropriate awarding body. If you are offered a scholarship, you will get access to additional training resources to help you develop your subject knowledge, and you will get a higher rate of bursary (this will be paid instead of your bursary). 

These competitive scholarships are only available in certain subjects and can be applied for after the offer stage.


To make your training year potentially more financially viable in London, all candidates who are offered a place on our course have the opportunity to register an interest in renting one of our London-based rooms at a subsidised rate.

Rooms in our accommodation are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.