Natalie Parker  |  Head of Future Teacher Training

Natalie oversees the delivery of our training programme, regularly sourcing expert teachers to lead sessions to our trainee teachers with a particular focus on sharing evidence-informed practice.

She has a background in teacher education, having worked on teacher training projects in several countries alongside acting as an associate tutor for the Teach First programme.

She has an MA in Educational Leadership from the Institute of Education with a focus on continuing professional development. 

Joanna James  |  Deputy ITT Lead

An MFL teacher with over a decade of experience in the classroom, Joanna was Head of Languages for four years before moving into Senior Leadership as Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning at one of the country's top performing state schools.

She has an MA in Education and is passionate about all things teaching, learning and curriculum.

She oversees the London Secondary trainees, monitoring their progress and wellbeing. Furthermore, she works closely with Natalie on the delivery of the ITT curriculum through the Professional Studies sessions.

Debbie Shannon  |  Hertfordshire ITT Lead

Debbie initially trained in PE and English and in recent years retrained in maths, culminating in over 23 years of teaching delivery in the classroom. Debbie also brings over 16 years of leadership experience as a subject and pastoral lead, as well as 8 years of senior leadership where she was responsible for Teaching and Learning, staff wellbeing and safeguarding.

She values above all things the development of staff, ensuring teachers and support staff have the necessary skills and resources to complete their roles to the best of their ability.

Debbie oversees the Hertfordshire trainees and supports the delivery of the Professional Studies. Additionally, Debbie oversees ITT recruitment and our Assessment Only route.

Sherelle Lauder  |  Primary ITT Lead

Sherelle brings to the team significant experience and knowledge of Primary education from a range of settings. Within school, Sherelle has held Senior Leadership positions including leading on Teaching and Learning and core curriculum areas.

Sherelle is passionate about developing and inspiring others through extending their understanding and effectiveness. She has responsibility for the primary programme and supports the Primary subject leaders in their delivery of the training programme.  Sherelle works closely with the Head of SCITT to support the vision and the development of the programme.

Rachel Taylor  |  ITT Coordinator

Rachel brings to the team sector knowledge in ITE and secondary science education.

She embarked on a teaching career in 2005, teaching science and A-level chemistry across a range of settings within North London, Luton and Hertfordshire. During this time, she has held a range of leadership roles at departmental and whole-school level, as well as providing school-to-school support within her role as a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE).

Most recently she has developed her career within the ITE sector, leading the secondary provision for a non-London based SCITT and joins the team as our ITT coordinator. Rachel is passionate about ensuring those entering the profession are well supported.

Gary Aubin  |  Head of SEND

Gary Aubin is the Trust lead for learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

He works with our SENDCOs and other school leaders to ensure that students with SEND can thrive in our schools. He is also currently seconded to the Educational Endowment Foundation as their Content Specialist for SEND.

His background is as a pastoral leader and secondary Drama teacher. 

Subject leads

Based within the curriculum centre at Pimlico Academy, the subject leads write the trust curriculum and provide subject specific teacher development.

They lead regular ITT training sessions within our programme, aimed at applying the ITT curriculum to the subject domain, as well as discussing subject specific pedagogy and common debates. To provide additional support subject leads also visit trainees in trust schools to discuss curriculum resources and observe lessons.

Lastly, subject leads provide a bank of online resources to support trainee teacher development in their subject.

You can read more about our inspirational subject leads below.

Charlie Furber  |  Trust Lead, Director of the DfE Latin Excellence Programme

Charlie is the Subject Lead for Latin at Future Academies and the Director of the Department for Education’s Latin Excellence Programme. After completing degrees in Classics at Oxford and King’s College London universities, he started teaching in January 2015. He trained with Future Teacher Training at Pimlico Academy in September 2016, coinciding with the launch of Latin at the school. Due to student success and demand, since September 2019, the subject has been taught at all primary and secondary schools in Future Academies. In September 2022, Future Academies launched the DfE’s Latin Excellence Programme, which will develop Latin and Classics provisions in forty schools across England. Charlie is passionate about teaching Latin and making the subject accessible, challenging and enjoyable to everyone. 

Phil Robinson  |  Trust Lead, Science

A science teacher with nearly a decade of experience in the classroom. Philip was KS3 science lead at Pimlico Academy for 6 years before moving to a trust-wide role. He has an MSc in Chemistry and has a keen interest in curriculum design.

Phil is the Science Trust Lead for Future Academies. He has written and oversees the implementation of the KS3 science curriculum, which is taught throughout our Future Academies schools across Years 7, 8 and 9.

Nickael Briggs  |  ITT Subject Lead, Social Sciences

Nickael is Vice Principal for Personal Development and Safeguarding at Ark Acton Academy, where she oversees PSHE. She has worked as Curriculum Leader for Citizenship, Sociology, RE and PSHE in three different secondary schools and is an experienced Teacher Educator. She obtained a PGCE in Citizenship at the Institute of Education, University College London and has led sessions at UCL on how to successfully implement GCSE Citizenship into secondary schools. As an experienced teacher educator, she frequently coaches' staff at varying levels and uses evidence-informed strategies to promote high-quality teaching. Most recently, Nickael was listed in the Guardian’s top 100 inspirational teachers list for her co-curriculum work and has written a chapter on PSHE curriculum for the “Developing Quality PSHE in Secondary Schools and Colleges” book which will be published by Bloomsbury academic. 

Subject Facilitators

We draw on the expertise of colleagues across our Future Academies schools and partner organisations to help facilitate aspects of our teacher training programmes. We collaborate with a range of subject practitioners, with proven outcomes within the classroom, who work closely with our subject leads to support our subject-based sessions and the development our trainees' subject-specific pedagogical knowledge.

You can read more about some of our subject facilitators here.

Claudia Tardelli  |  Subject Facilitator & Lead Teacher, Latin & Classics

A trained linguist and philologist, with over 10 years of experience in higher education and research, Claudia joined Barclay Academy in 2019, where she successfully introduced Latin to all pupils in Year 7 and was soon after appointed as Head of Latin. In 2022, she was seconded to Centre of Latin Excellence, where she contributes to the delivering of the Department for Education's Latin Excellence Programme. She oversees teacher development in our Hertfordshire schools and supports school leadership with the smooth running of the Latin programme. 

Claudia was a Gates Scholar at the University of Cambridge, where she completed a PhD in Medieval Italian Studies. She has a PGCE in Education and is passionate about language teaching and learning as well as the intersection of language history and culture. Claudia is a published author. 

Subject mentors

Based within your school, the subject mentor will provide developmental support daily. Progress against training priorities will be assessed by the subject mentor on, at least, a weekly basis.

New knowledge and training will be discussed in weekly mentor meetings, so that enactment and practise within the school setting can be adapted to the specific context and training needs of each trainee.

We are very proud that our mentors are often subject leads or curriculum experts who put themselves forward for this important role. In addition, there are a growing number of alumni now mentoring trainees - a track record we are very proud of. 

Professional mentors

The professional mentor is a senior staff member within the school setting, who provides training within your school context.

They ensure that your ITT training integrates purposefully with your school-based training, and provide an extra layer of developmental support.

They will also provide you with ongoing wellbeing support.